Hi, here are the main purposes of this Club:

Meta (long-term goal):
A Good Sense civilization, with people at peace with each other and where they can be themselves, prospering and succeeding.

Purpose (a minor goal):
– People who join the Good Sense Club who collaborate with each other
– The Good Sense  Club located in all Unites States
– The Common Sense Club which is located on every continent of the planet
– Bring together all the associations that have similar goals, Good Sense and the improvement of people, and ensure that they collaborate in obtaining material and spiritual well-being
– Obtain an economic exchange based on a currency owned by citizens
– Get 80% of the population to know the definition of Good Sense

Ideal scene:
Good Sense groups that work together, help each other, and flourish and prosper, use a citizen’s currency, and enlist the cooperation of like-minded groups to create a society based on common-sense principles

Valuable final product:
A society that operates based on the principles of Good Sense in achieving its material and spiritual goals

For information write to: info at goodsense.club